Yöpup Dog Biscuits

by Yöghund

Sun 27 October 2013

Rating 3.5 (of 4) Paws
Tags treat yoghund

Dog treats are almost as fun to buy as toys, but it can be challenging to find healthy treats that are pooch-approved. Our dog isn’t the pickiest, but he is the only dog I’ve ever met that doesn’t like peanut butter. Fortunately, that still leaves us with quite a few other flavors. Additionally, the really dry biscuits usually don’t go over too well him either. Even still, there are many healthy and natural treats to choose from. We found an interesting looking treat called Yöpup and decided to give it a go.

Yöpup is an all natural, wheat-free biscuit with a probiotic yogurt icing. They are made in the USA by Yöghund, a New Hampshire based company. There are four different kinds to choose from. We bought the "less stress" blend. I didn’t notice a reduction in stress, but our dog enjoyed them and I felt good knowing that they are healthy. They were also less expensive than most healthy treats and they have a cute cookie-like appearance. I’m definitely going to pick up the other varieties if I see them.