Tennis Tots

by Chomper

Sun 29 December 2013

Rating 3 (of 4) Paws
Tags chomper toy tennis penguin
Balki with Penguin Tennis Tots by Chomper

This Christmas was a very special one for us, because it was our first with Balki. It was hard for us not to go overboard buying toys for him. There are so many cute Christmas-themed toys to choose from. We ended up getting him a few familiar and inexpensive toys (tennis ball, tiny plush toy, etc.) for him to unwrap all by himself. That was a lot of fun to watch! But our big gift to him was a squeaky, nylon, plush, tennis ball combo toy. This santa-hat-wearing penguin toy looked durable and different. Tennis Tots Tuff Tennis toys are made by Chomper and are composed of a ballistic nylon body and tennis ball feet.

It seemed logical to buy a toy that combines all of Balki’s favorite things, but it wasn’t as durable as we had hoped. It turns out that when you cut a hole in a tennis ball, it becomes a lot easier to chew up. He had the tennis balls in pieces faster than you could say, "roll over". The rest of the toy has held up pretty well and he was really excited when we gave him the toy, so all-in-all it was a good choice.

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