Skinneeez Plush Fox

by Ethical Products

Sun 29 September 2013

Rating 2 (of 4) Paws
Tags skinneeez toy
Price US $7
Made In China
Balki with Skinneeez Plush Fox and Bird

As a person who has owned stuffing-crazed dogs before, I was eventually reeled into these stuffing free dog toys. It seemed like one of those ideas that someone should have come out with a long time ago. Actually, I think someone did. I’m pretty sure there has been a large selection of dog toys without stuffing littering the pet store aisles for decades, but they weren’t marketed as "stuffing free" toys. Alas, those guys in marketing are paying off! I’m a little suspicious that the manufacturer of these toys didn’t just run out of stuffing one day and in a mad panic exclaimed, "just box them up!" It’s such a simple idea and there is no reason why this toy should be anymore likable to our dogs than the toy that they already ripped the stuffing out of themselves. Still…

We bought one. We bought two, actually. First it was the fox, which he didn’t show much interest in. Then it was the bright yellow bird that I thought he would love just because it was so weird looking and different from his other toys. Again, he wasn’t interested. We have had them both for a few months now and they still look brand new. They are the least-touched toys in his overflowing toy box. They even have squeakers. He loves squeakers, but for some reason he is just not interested in these toys. And yet, I’m wondering if this kind of marketing can be applied elsewhere.

"Are the soles of your shoes bothering you? Try these new sole-less shoes!"

"Tired of your pen running out of ink? Buy our new ink-less pen!"

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