Play Place Lattice Ball

by JW Pet

Sun 15 December 2013

Rating 2.5 (of 4) Paws
Tags jw pet toy
Balki waiting for Blue Buffalo Boo Bar

Tug, fetch, and chew! This toy claims to be good for all three. The Play Place Lattice Ball, made by JW Pet, is certainly an interesting looking toy. It’s not quite a ball and it’s not quite a rope, but we figured that Balki would know what to do with it anyway. It is made from "Super-Tough Megalastomer". What is Megalastomer, you ask? It’s just JW’s fancy word for rubbery plastic. It is actually a very common material that has many applications, but I’ll happily note that it is at least non-toxic.

Balki was very wide-eyed when we took this toy out of it’s packaging. He was eager to try it out. Sadly, it was another short trial. Turns out that it wasn’t so super-tough. In just a few minutes, he had turned the Megalastomer into bright orange confetti and scattered it all over our floor. At least there was a little rope toy to salvage from the mess. Next!

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