Pet Stix

by Kong

Sun 02 June 2013

Rating 3 (of 4) Paws
Tags kong toy
Price US $5-10
Made In China
Balki with Kong Pet Stix

We bought the Kong Pet Stix toy for probably the same reason that everyone else does; our dog loves sticks. Balki will chase a ball on occasion, but he will always run after a stick.

Our expectations were not super high with this one. The toy is made out of nylon material, which is quite a bit different than stick material. We expected it to be obvious to Balki, our detached-tree-branch-chewing connoisseur, but he immediately wanted to play with it. We are pretty sure he realizes that it is not a real stick, but he seems to like it anyway.

Surprisingly, it turned out to be one of the best toys we have purchased so far. He strolls from room to room, carrying it in his mouth. He fetches it when we throw it down the hall. Unlike many of his other toys, it seems really easy for him to carry.

However, this may not be a great toy for all dogs. If you have one of those dogs that wants to tear the stuffing out of everything you give him, this probably isn’t the ideal toy. While it seems quite durable, a determined dog probably wouldn’t have too much trouble destroying it. Fortunately for us, Balki mostly just tries to destroy things with squeakers, which this toy is lacking.

He has had it for two weeks now. It is completely intact and he is still interested in it. We think that’s pretty good.

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