Our Story

Going green isn’t always easy. It’s been a long transition for us and we’ve still got a ways to go until we can feel really good about our lifestyle and the impact it has on the environment. We are always on the lookout for new ways to be healthy, produce less waste, recycle, reuse, purchase less items in packaging (especially those that are really bad for the environment, like plastics), grow our own produce, and buy locally when possible. It’s not always about asking yourself “what can I do without?”, but also “how can I achieve this without it having a negative impact?”

It wasn’t long before we realized that we had changed a great deal of things in our life without considering our dog and his impact on the environment. We’ve always been concerned about his health, but what about all of those plastic bags his treats come in? What about all of those toys we buy him that are only meant to be chewed up and thrown away? We totally bought into mass throw-away consumerism when it came to the pet industry. To be honest, I felt a little ashamed. How could I have been so blind to my values when it came to this one thing?

It’s easy to change your own habits, but would we be able to tell our dog that he couldn’t have a variety of treats and toys anymore? No way. This was going to have to be one of those things where we asked “how can we achieve this without it having a negative impact?” How can we maintain our dogs health and allow him to always have an assortment of toys to play with?

It was this question that gave birth to Ruffelstiltskin. We decided we were no longer going to buy mass produced throw-away toys or little treats in big plastic bags and boxes. We started making (at least most of) his food, baking organic treats, and crafting new toys out of our old clothes. It’s time consuming, but we save a lot of money and it turns out our dog can be just as happy being eco-friendly. We decided that we were going to keep doing what we love (spoiling our dog) but we also needed to be considerate of the environment. We love being able to provide other dogs with these green products too. All of our toys are upcycled from quality fabrics and all of our treats are wheat-free, preservative-free, and organic. As we grow, we keep the eco-friendly dog in mind by purchasing recycled or reusable packaging. We strive to be as environment-friendly as possible, without sacrificing quality or taste.

Ginger DePriest
Founder of Ruffelstiltskin